Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post Impact Pivot


Jay said...

Am I correct in assuming the post impact pivot is based on or strongly connected to the straightening of the left leg post impact?

Justin Tang said...

Not really, the post impact pivot that you see in the video as well as in Bubba Watson's swing or so I am told is caused by a very strong pivot motion that is anchored against the right foot.

Think of the body as a towel with the club on one end and the legs on the other. Now try to wring water. The upper body goes left while the legs stay rooted to the ground. When the upper body rotation becomes too great for the legs to bear, then the right foot gets dragged left and the left foot twists.

For more, please go to

Jay said...

Just wanted to say thanks for pointing that site out. I´m going to check out the modules.I was in TGM but this seems more sensible and I like Johns approach. I have also learned a great deal from the forums there that has already affected my swing for the better.