Monday, May 26, 2008

Stack and Tilt - Coming Soon...

The blueprint of the Stack and Tilt Swing is finally available to Medicus Golf Instructors! For those seeking to learn the hottest swing on tour can either call for private lessons or wait for a Summer School in Singapore...Meanwhile, enjoy the sheer poetry of Mike Bennett's swing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pretty Polly

Polly - who is one of the most talented students I have met - is able to take information, assimilate it and then make almost instantaneous changes.

Here, at Line 1, where the shaft is parallel to the ground and target line, she changes her takeaway from outside the target line to one that is on line. Note the position of the clubhead as a result.

As a result of the change in Line 1 above, she is able to make a flatter backswing. Though her arms and shaft at not at the optimal plane angle, it is a huge change from her old backswing where her left arm covers (almost) her entire face!

Also notice the position of her right elbow. While we don't want it tucked to closely to the body, we certainly don't want it flying like a 747 either. Ideally, it should point to the ground with the upper arm and lower arm forming a 90 degree angle.

With a flatter backswing, she is able to turn more and then match the rpms of the swing of her body and hands. I have no doubts this girl will improve her game very quickly at her rate of improvement.

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Cindy's Impact Fix

Cindy is a very consistent 12 handicapper who manages to beat her male counterparts on a more than regular basis. Despite this, she thought she thought she would be able to play better had she more distance.

Our video analysis revealed a breakdown in the impact zone. Once Cindy is able to internalise the feel of proper impact, she will no doubt be able to add distance to her already pinpoint iron game. Watch out!