Sunday, December 20, 2009

19 December 6 Iron

Ambidextrous Golf

Saturday, December 5, 2009

3 Iron 05 December 09

This is no substitute for learning to pure 3 iron blades.

Whole Brain Power

Michael J. Lavery, aka, The Hammer Man demonstrates procedural memory skills as part of his Whole Brain Power Program. His book Whole Brain Power co writtten with Gregory S. Walsh explains how the training of both sides of the brain to achieve ambidexterity radically enhances hand-eye coordination and functional strength. The skill of being able to bounce a golf ball off the round end of the ball peen hammer is extremely difficult to do. In fact very coordinated athletes have a difficult time doing it consistently 5 times in a row. To be able to do it with either hand really pushes the envelope.

Watch closely as Hammer Man Lavery moves the hammer from one hand to the other as he also flips the hammer in between bounces. The ability to move forewards and backwards while bouncing the ball of the ball peen hammer is in a class by itself as hand-eye coordination is concerned.

These skills have been developed through methods described in the book Whole Brain Power. With the confidence gained at doing these feats of coordination hitting a golf ball, tennis ball or baseball seems lots easier. Try it for yourself with a rubber mallet and then work your way up to the more difficult hammers and you to will see the improvement in your athletic skills.